At A New Life for Women we support and honor anyone's choice to use medications. We are not licensed physicians that prescribe medications. We would encourage you to explore the method that you believe will work for you. Taking medications would not interfere with your treatment at A New life for Women there is a place for both. Some people do not want to use medications and other believes that treatment cannot be effective without the use of legally prescribed medications. We do not support the taking of illegal drugs or the use of someone else's medications or drinking alcohol to self-medicate. These are really an unsafe practices and even more reason to seek help before serious conditions develop.



About Us

A New Life for Women was spearheaded by Dr. Derenda Edmondson, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over twenty years of experience in the field of counseling women with a diverse range of psychological issues. Through her private practice, 2nd Chance Counseling it was noted women with histories of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; rape; and other traumatic experiences were more prone to alcohol and substance abuse. Consequently, persons impaired by alcohol and drugs are more vulnerable to traumatic events thus a vicious cycle is established in their lives. A secondary, yet significant negative affect, is the great impact on the children who are brought up in this type of household. There was the realization that women needed services that were designed to treat both trauma and substance abuse simultaneously. Recovery from substance abuse and trauma is possible if you surround yourself with trust and professional care. Please be assured that we will make every effort to provide counseling services that are effective. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more we are always standing by to offer help for those in need.

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